My Top 5 Things to Knit Now for Spring

Has everyone finished their sweater wips yet or am I the only one who hasn’t? Actually, I really wanted to knit one more sweater even though Spring is right around the corner…but I feel that ship has sailed for me.

One of my most recent FOs was the Odele top by Amy Christoffers and I describe it mostly as a light, drapey knitted tee. I just have to block it and it’s ready to wear. So honestly, while I wasn’t entirely monogamously knitting on it, I feel like I cheated myself out of at least making a Winter sweater or two.

All sweater talk aside, I wanted to write this post to give myself (and you all) some inspiration to pull out those lighter weight cotton and other non-wool yarn blends that we have in our stashes. I’ll be honest with you though, knitting with non-wool/non-animal fibers doesn’t thrill me much, but I do like a good Pima Cotton/ Rayon Modal blend like Berroco’s Modern Cotton. And the fact that they have it in DK weight is great too. That’s actually what I made my Odele out of and will devote an entire post on it soon in which I’ll talk about how my Odele ended up without a v-neck lol (hint: I actually have no idea where I went wrong and it’s literally been driving me insane ever since for the fact that I can’t pinpoint the error of my ways…just ask my friend Heather!…yeah, I’m that person *sigh*).

So here goes….

My Top 5 Things to Knit Now for Spring

1. Softies. These can also be known as stuffies, plushies, or Amigurumi. I like knitting (or crocheting) little stuffed toys because they are quick and fun to make. Check out these adorable Easter themed Softies on Ravelry.

2. Scarves & Shawls. Pinterest and Ravelry are filled with a variety of scarves and shawls all in different weights of yarn.

3. Baby Items. I chose this one because baby knits can be pretty quick. This includes baby clothing, burp cloths, bibs, etc. pretty much anything you can make out of a washable, DK/ Sport weight cotton yarn would be ideal. I found really cute romper and sweater patterns on by OGE Knitwear Designs who specializes in baby knitwear designs.

4. Housewarming Gifts. I love modern rustic decor and often find that knitted home dec items mesh well with that particular style. For example, knitted poufs are still having their moment- and I’m happy about that because it took me months to finish mine this past Fall! But other ideas include small knitted trivets or coasters, knitted pillows or pillow cases, and knitted rugs. Better Homes & Gardens has this great post that mention a few of those items.

5. Hair Scrunchies. These are still having their moment as well. I remember when I used to shop at Express and get 5 or 10 of their patterned scrunchies (we’re talking early 1990’s… back when I was 12 or 13!). All I know is I dropped a shit-ton of $$ on some damn scrunchies! That’s also when I used to sausage curl my bangs into 2 different layers. 😂. Well, I’m so glad that now I can knit them (or crochet or sew them) myself. Here is a cute and free knitted pattern.

I hope this gives you some spring knitting inspiration like it has for me. Now I’m not sure which I want to make first….

Happy Knitting!


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  1. First of all – your photo is gorgeous. I want every skein in the photo 🙂 Second of all – yes! This is such great inspiration for knitters who might feel a “slump” with the warmer weather coming. I’m preparing to knit all of the baby things as we just had our first, Fynn! The housewarming items are great too! I just came up with some new wash cloth/scrubbie pattern ideas in bed last night…we must be channeling the same energy 🙂

    1. Karen says:

      Thanks, Maggie! Congrats to you and your family! I can’t wait to see all the baby items you knit😀. And washcloths are one of my favorite quick knit items. Can’t wait to see your patterns!

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