My Holiday Decor

Christmas has to be my most favorite holiday with Thanksgiving being a close second.  This year is special for my family and I because this will be our first Christmas spent in our new house.  The last seven years were spent in a home that my family has owned since my grandparents bought it some 60+ years ago and it was really small but worked well for us.  We could never really do much decorating or else it was just too cluttered so we kept it to a bare minimal.

My color scheme is mainly based on the traditional red and green with some rustic elements thrown in like burlap, pinecones, and faux evergreen garland.

I also replaced our old stockings and tree skirt with newer ones that offered a woodsy feel.

Most of everything I purchased was from Joann Fabrics with the exception of the lighted gifts under the tree.  Those were purchased from Kirkland’s.

I’m very pleased with how everything turned out.

How’s everyone else’s decorating going?

Happy Holidays,



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