FO: Mailin Sweater

Happy Thanksgiving, friends.  This is my Thanksgiving sweater.  I started this Mailin sweater by Isabell Kraemer about a week before Halloween and just finished it on November 16th.  Much like people make Rhinebeck sweaters, I’ve been off-and-on knitting sweaters to wear in time for Thanksgiving.  I think that will be my yearly thing.

Regarding the sweater, this has to be so far my favorite hand-knit of all time, no lie.  I made it with intentional positive ease so it would have a nice over-sized fit to it.

This was the first time I had knit an Isabell Kraemer pattern and I was not disappointed.  It’s no wonder why people love her designs.  The motif in the middle of this sweater is simple enough yet adds enough visual interest overall.  And, it’s not a difficult pattern as long as you remember to knit in the pattern for the entire front of the sweater.  That really is the only tricky part.

I hope this sweater inspires you to give Isabell Kraemer’s patterns a try or to start a sweater knitting tradition of your own!

Happy Knitting!


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