10 Crafty Things To Do If You’re Not Going To Rhinebeck…

So if you are like me and you are not able to attend one of the best fiber festivals known to knitters/crocheters/ fiber folk (aka NY Sheep & Wool in Rhinebeck) which occurs yearly in October, your IG feed will likely be inundated with all things fiber from that weekend by your fibery friends.

Rather than be bummed about not being there, here are 10 crafty things that you can do that weekend to distract you:

  1. Create your own solo (or grab some friends) local yarn crawl.
  2. Get cozy on your couch with your knitting/crocheting and catch up with your favorite series on Hulu / Netflix.  Sometimes there’s nothing better than putting on your favorite hand-knit socks, drinking a warm beverage, and snuggling in.
  3. Meet a fellow crafter at your favorite café for knit & nosh.  Or grab a coffee!
  4. Take time to update your Ravelry projects pages with photos, details, yarn acquisitions, etc.  
  5. Pick a new knitting or crocheting technique that you want to learn on YouTube.  There are so many great vloggers out there to subscribe to.
  6. Learn a new craft like sewing if you already have access to a machine.  If you don’t have access to a sewing machine, how about paper-crafting / soap-making / candle-making, etc.?
  7. Look for indie-dyed yarn sales the weekend of Rhinebeck for those dyers who aren’t attending Rhinebeck.  They may be having a sale or shop update for those of us not attending.
  8. Teach yourself to watercolor paint (or any kind of paint).  It’s instantly gratifying and supplies are relatively inexpensive to get started (use your Joann Fabrics or Michael’s coupons!)
  9. Take some time to get out your Gleaner and de-pill all of your hand-knits.  Then give them a nice bath.  I never said this had to be fun…lol.
  10. Visit your local library and spend time in the craft book section.  This is great if you want to try out a newer knitting book but don’t want to commit to buying it yet.
  11. Bonus: Or just take a break from knitting / crocheting.  Read a good book!

I threw in a bonus one because sometimes we just have to recognize that we may need a break from doing what we love- and that’s quite alright.

Happy Making!


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