Ideas for Fall Sweater Knitting

Look at these yarn babies! I have 2 skeins of Cascade’s Eco wool yarn which means I have 956 yards to work with. Trying to pick out the perfect sweater pattern has been challenging, but I think I’m almost there…

One of my favorite newly released (and free!) patterns is the Turtle Dove sweater by Espace Tricot. I love every pattern that these lovely ladies come out with, especially this one.

I love the clean and modern look to this design and the fact that it uses minimal yardage. I haven’t decided yet which hem option I will go for as I like both. The rolled hem option reminds me of a J.Crew sweater I had back in junior high while the ribbed hem option is what I usually go for.

Any suggestions on the hem??

Happy Making!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Maggie Franz says:

    That yarn looks luscious! And the sweater pattern – I totally agree with you on all points. I do like the split/ribbed hem though. I think the shape of the sweater/the construction would pair better with this hem for fit and feel but that’s just me 🙂 Can’t wait to see it!

    1. Karen says:

      Yep I agree. I think that’s the hem option I’m going with!

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