Can I (finally) wear my hand-knit socks?

…Or will it continue to be 90+ degrees outside?? I’m not complaining, honestly, because I’ve enjoyed our hot, hot summer; but this weather is such a tease. Honestly, even with the air conditioning running inside on arctic blast intensity, I still prefer not to wear socks in my house. However, on Sunday, it was a mere 54 degrees out and so rainy that our roads were flooding. This cooler/rainy weather, being a remnant of Hurricane Florence, offered up some relief from our humid and sweltering past few weeks so much so that I most looked forward to wearing the socks I had been addicted to knitting these last few months.

This first pair I bet you know who the yarn is from almost immediately- it is the Trenchcoat colorway by Turtlepurl Yarns. I used Susan B. Anderson’s “How I Make My Socks” pattern, found here. My original method of knitting socks consists of using double pointed needles, however, I switched over to two at a time top down.

This next pair of socks is the Broken Seed Stitch socks by Hanna Lëvaniemi. I also knit these two at a time. These were a bit more difficult to adapt the pattern to two at a time, but I conquered it! The yarn is Koigu KPPPM in a colorway that was dyed specifically for Sewickley Yarns during the Steel City Yarn Crawl this summer and I used an ecru color in Cascade Heritage.

This pair was fun. I knit these one at a time on dpn’s. The pattern I used for these was Susan B. Anderson’s “How I Make My Socks” pattern. The yarn is Austermann Step 6 in the Autumn colorway.

Anyone else excited to knit socks this season? 🙌

Happy making!

– Karen

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  1. Maggie Franz says:

    They look great!! I’ve shied away from socks because they seem tough – and I’m afraid I’d never wear them for risk of ruining them…but your post is making me rethink all of this! Thanks for sharing!

    1. IKNITIATIVES says:

      Thanks, Maggie!! I struggled myself with that in the beginning. I never used to knit socks, but now that I’ve mainly switched to knitting them two at a time, they are quicker for me to complete and I worry less about the potential of getting holes in them. You should definitely try them and, just an fyi, Kate Atherley just came out with an awesome two at a time sock class on Craftsy/Bluprint!

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