While I was on vacation with my family in Myrtle Beach, I stopped in Knit-n- Purl and saw Samana sampled on a mannequin form. For me, it was knitting project love at first sight… 

This Berroco pattern calls for Linus yarn which the store didn’t sell but I was told Modern Cotton by Berroco would  work just as well. 

I cast this on after finishing my Aquae tank. I had 4 false starts mainly because this is only the 2nd lace project I’ve ever knit. 

Samana is constructed by knitting 2 panels (a front and a back) and the sleeves are built into those panels and then it gets seamed at the shoulders and sides, leaving space for your arms to go through on each side.


I’m knitting my Samana in a deep teal color. It was difficult to capture the color in daylight. 

I’m getting the pattern gauge on size 7’s. A few things to note about this pattern:

  • If you are less experienced with lace knitting, like myself, be sure to visit the Ravelry page for Samana and look at the comments before you start. Trust me, it will save you from a headache and probably 4 false starts.
  • If you use Modern Cotton to knit this pattern, becareful because the yarn is a bit splitty.
  • You may want to convert the chart I to written instructions. Once, I did that, I found my rhythm within the pattern.

    I hope to finish this top in a few more weeks so that I can get started on my first sweater of the Fall/Winter season.

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    1. Twillingart says:

      This is a beautiful and ambitious project! Keep up the good work!

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