WIP: Aquae Tank by Hilary Smith Callis

After much back and forth as to which summer project I wanted to start knitting first, I chose this cute Aquae tank and began knitting it on March 8th, 2016.

As you can see, it hasn’t gotten much love and has been very slow going for me.  Only because I’ve recently started sewing and that has taken up a lot of my time. 

*Shameless plug alert* Check out my sewing endeavors HERE at Flannel+Fleece Handmade.

And, it probably has some to do with the fact that I’m doing a 3 stripe sequence instead of the 2 stripe sequence that the pattern calls for. 

I chose to do a 3 stripe mainly because I wanted to use stash yarn and I had 6 skeins of this Lily Sugar n’ Cream yarn in gray, blue, amd green (2 of each colorway) that I wanted to use up.  I originally bought the yarn to crochet up a beach tote, but I like what I’m now using them for much better.

The pattern is very well-written, however, this isn’t a mindless knit.  At least not at first.  It can be mindless when doing the stripes themselves but just make sure you follow the increasing/decreasing closely.

My goal is to finish this for May which will be just in time for more consistently warmer weather here in Western PA.


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