Subtle shade shifting gradients- A brief description of my technique

While most of my ombre gradients feature noticeable shade shifts, I have now introduced a more subtle gradient.  While I am still in the testing phase of choosing colors, some colors lend better to this technique than others. I will still incorporate 4 shades of a single color into these gradients but they will have a much more blended affect. 

Without going too much into the proprietary stuff, the technique I have been using is to first separate each skein into 4 sections. Then I pre-soak my yarn for about 20 mins. While the yarn is soaking, I fill up my pot with water and measure out my color with the darkest depth of shade in mind that I want to achieve. (Personally, I do my dyeing based off of volume and not weight.  I don’t weigh my dye powder in grams.  That’s just my preference.  Each of my gradients is hand-dyed so there are no dye lots. To each their own!) If I want the depth of shade to be dark, I add an amount of dye powder that will produce that.  If I want the depth of shade to be light, I adjust for that as well.  You go after the look you want to achieve- it’s that simple.  Once that is simmering amd close to a boil, I then add one end section of the pre-soaked yarn to my pot.  This is where it can get tricky if you don’t pay close attention.  Then, I pick that section up with my *heavy duty gloved hand* and dip it a few more times.  After about a minute or so, I then add the next section and repeat the process as I did for the first section until I get through all sections.  

This method would work well with sock blanks as well and could help save some time as far as prepping the yarn goes.

And here is the finished result for a custom order that I had: 


Looking forward to sharing more colors with you!


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