Another serving of Oatmeal please!

I finished my 3rd Oatmeal sweater by Jane Richmond a month ago and the more I knit them, the better they get.

I knew going into my 3rd that I wanted to make it roomier as the pattern is originally intended for a close fit or negative ease.

I decided to use Paton’s Classic Wool Bulky in their Green colorway. It was the perfect mossy green that I had been searching for. When I knit my gauge swatch, I was getting 3 stitches per inch. Knowing that the pattern called for 2.75 stitches per inch. So that meant that if I just picked a size from the pattern, with my gauge being .25 stitch per inch off, my sweater would end up smaller than the intended measurements of the sweater. But, I wanted the opposite effect and really loved that yarn. That’s where the math came into play…

Before I get into the math part of it, I purchased this class from Craftsy Yarn Substitution Made Easy with Kellie Nuss. There is a chapter in the video in which she discusses the math behind the substitution and using ratios to determine what size you will need to knit of a given pattern with the current gauge of your yarn that you are using. It was super helpful for me and totally worth the cost of the class just for that information (in my opinion) due to the size of my yarn stash!

So knowing that this time around I wanted an oversized fit, I knit the size 44. That size provided a finished bust measurement of 37.25″. That measurement gave me about 2″ of positive ease.

While I love the overall fit, I wish the neckline wasn’t as wide as it is.  But for now, this sweater looks greater over top of a long sleeved flannel.

Who knows…a 4th Oatmeal may very well be in my future!


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