I’m calling this one ‘Cream of Wheat’

I recently made a purple Oatmeal sweater and loved it so much that I made one for my sister at her request.

However, I’m calling this one “Cream Of Wheat”.

The yarn used is the same yarn as called for in the pattern, Lion Brand Wool Ease Chunky.  

I have to admit I like this sweater better than my purple Oatmeal because the yarn is not as bulky as the purple yarn which was Paton’s Classic Wool Bulky. 

I find that super bulky yarn just adds weight and bulk to my frame. Thanks, but no thanks…

I made one slight modification in this sweater by knitting the bottom ribbing a few inches shorter than what the pattern called for.

After a visit to a local Pat Catan’s yesterday, I picked up more yarn to try for a 3rd Oatmeal!  This time I will be using Bernat’s Roving and I will be incorporating stripes.

Here is my sis modeling it:


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