Move over Craftsy- there’s a new (er) kid in town…


When Craftsy was born, I thought (and still do think) that they have changed the crafting world for the better.  Prior to Craftsy, I relied on YouTube and Internet searches to find technique related tutorials. Don’t get me wrong- while I still rely on YouTube and internet searches and am very thankful for all the lovely crafters who put their time into that content, Craftsy came on the scene and jazzed it up a bit.

Now let me introduce you to Creativebug – if you have never met. I can’t tell you how or when I first stumbled upon Creativebug (early 2014??), but I’m so glad I did. While it is the same concept as Craftsy (online crafty learning at your fingertips), what makes Creativebug different is mainly their pricing structure and content. Now there are other things that make them different from one another, but I’m only going to touch on the obvious. For example, with Craftsy the pricing ranges anywhere from free (but no real time instructor interaction) to $49.99 and up.  You purchase a class or classes and it is not subscription based.  You can almost always rely on never paying full price for a class because they always run sales (if you are patient and can wait instead of immediately clicking “buy” when you fall in love with a class description at full price) and they have a wider variety of class topics from cooking to wood working and everything in between. Bottom line: wait for the Craftsy class to go on sale…because it undoubtedly will.

I’ll talk a little bit about Creativebug now.  When Creativebug first came onto the scene, they offered free videos and a premium subscription for $9.99 per month which granted you unlimited access to premium video content.  They may have also offered another subscription level in the very beginning, but I can’t recall that now. Creativebug classes also reign in the top makers/designers like Craftsy but you don’t get the instructor interaction as you would with Craftsy Should you have questions.  What’s made Creativebug take the lead on this platform in my opinion is they now have dropped the monthly premium subscription price to only $4.99 and for each month you subscribe, you receive 1 credit to download a class and have it for life. And their classes are pretty awesome! Needless to say, I’m now signed up for the monthly subscription.

The most recent classes that I have signed up for were a watercolor flower painting class through Craftsy, a 3 part series on designing fabric through Creativebug, a sketching class through Creativebug, and an awesome 2 part Watercolor Intro class taught by Yao Cheng.

The possibilities are really endless with the value and learning you can receive from these two platforms.  And although I maintain a monthly subscription with Creativebug, that definitely won’t stop me from continuing to purchase classes from Craftsy.

Have any of you tried both and/or prefer one over the other?

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