Kickstart my heart

I finally did it after dreaming it up in my head.  I started a Kickstarter to help grow my small business.

My goal is to raise enough funds to buy more equipment to decrease my production time by at least 50% which will enable me to have more frequent shop updates.  One of those big ticket equipment items is a motorized skein winder.  Right now, I do all of my winding by hand with a swift and small Boye electric winder.  It works ok, but is definitely more labor intensive and slows me down.  Another purchase from the funds would be a small drum-carder so that I could produce and sell batts.  Other items that your pledge would help fund are an addi knitting machine so that I can produce my own sock blanks, undyed yarns and fibers, and equipment/ingredients for my new all natural skin care line.  I also have plans to produce all natural dyed yarns and fibers.

Please check out my Kickstarter campaign here.

I have many different rewards for each type of pledge.

Have a great day!

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