Currently on the needles…

I am currently knitting on a custom fit sweater – courtesy of Amy Herzog’s fabulous website – and knitting with this wonderfully rustic Brooklyn Tweed Shelter yarn in colorway Button Jar. 

Amy Herzog is the queen of fit in my opinion and has really been successful with her “Knit To Flatter” book and her custom fit website. 

I am knitting my custom fit basic crewneck pullover.  Amy gives instructions to knit in pieces and also gives the option to knit “mostly seamless” bottom up in the round.  I decided to go that route which has proven to be a bit tricky because I am a top down raglan sweater kind of girl.  But oh well, I like a challenge…. and I also like going to my LYS (should I need some additional guidance) 🙂

So far so good.  I’m not too far but I’m almost done with the decreasing for the shaping to which afterwards I will knit for x amount of inches before having to increase for the shaping.  And then comes the hard part for me.  I will have to separate the front from the back and knit separately for each with regards to shaping the underarms. That will probably be my most challenging part of the entire thing but I was given some great advice by my Instagram friend, Jen… by the way, you should check out her patterns on Ravelry – they are awesome!  

I’ve been scouring the internet and YouTube for bottom up in the round step by step instructions and have found a few but none as in-depth as I’d like.  So the search will continue.

If anyone knows of any great resources regarding the above and would care to share, I would truly appreciate it!

So for now, I will leave you with a pic of this WIP.

I’d love to see what you all are currently knitting / crocheting  / crafting!

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