It’s electric… boogie woogie woogie

I have these really amazingly fun and bright neon yarns in my stash currently and was trying to come up with the most awesome way to use them.

I decided I would showcase this neon yellow yarn as a crocheted blanket infinity scarf. This sucker will end up pretty huge if I do manage to incorporate all 3 skeins into it. Seeing how 1 skein crocheted up though, I think I will be ok. 1 skein gave me about 5 or so inches in width… So using 3, my guess will be that it would end up at around 15 inches. I think that would be nice for what I’m trying to achieve.

This neon yellow yarn is by Deborah Norville and is her Everyday Soft Worsted anti-pilling yarn in the Fluorescent Yellow colorway.

These pics are of this same yarn but in different lighting.

The top pic was in majority artificial lighting (however, it the more accurate depiction of the color between the two), while the bottom was with natural lighting and shading in the car on a dreary day (strange how it made it look more fluorescent green?).



The next up neon is mostly likely going to be a super bright fuschia!

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