The (over) use of #Hashtags…and your thoughts

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“What in the world is a hashtag and who cares?” was my first thought when Twitter blew up. Not being on Twitter and not having owned an Instagram account yet, I just didn’t get what all the buzz about hashtags was (or Twitter & Instagram for that matter) and it wasn’t until I joined Instagram that I became interested in using hashtags quite frankly for business purposes. I will have to admit – I used to incorporate hashtags into my Instagram posts all the time … until someone made me watch the SNL skit done by JT and Jimmy Fallon….

Once I began dyeing yarn and fiber as my business, I would hashtag the crap out of some of my earlier posts, but ever since watching that video, I’m lucky I use them at all these days. And when I do, there’s usually a purpose to it. For example, I feel hashtags are great for when I want to keep track of certain photos on Instagram. I love cowls and scarfs so I’ll use #cowlstyle to keep inventory of pics in which I am wearing cowls. And, I will say that I love it when my customers receive their orders and will give me credit by popping in #iknitiatives at the end of their message. 🙂

But, I still can’t help but feel a little silly because I automatically think of the original SNL skit. Yes, original… because unbeknownst to me, there is a SNL #Hashtags2 skit that was done in early 2014. I feel like it is a bit overkill and as if it’s like “ok, we get the point” but I managed to get a slight smile on my face with this version.

I feel like if you operate mainly as a business on social media like myself on Instagram, that it can also come across as a bit spammy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for self-promotion especially if you joined one of the social media outlets as your business, but I know it can be a turn off for some people.

So I ask all of you- do you feel the same or do you feel differently regarding the use (or overuse depending on your view of them) with hashtags? Also, what do you feel is the advantage of using them? Has it helped or hurt you?

I’ll let you decide… which version do you prefer?

SNL #Hashtags

SNL #Hashtags2

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  1. LoL … always wondered about that whole #hashtag thing—one reason why I’ve yet to dive into twitter/instagram 😉 Great post 🙂 ♥ ❤

    1. iknitiatives says:

      Thanks! These definitely made me laugh!

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