New Year, Same me… goals for iKNITiatives in 2015

As each prior year ends and a fresh year begins, I can’t help but feel a little sad. If you are anything like myself, you reflect back on all of the specific memories of that entire year and you hope that as time passes, each day/week/month/year get better. Overall, 2014 was not only a great year for me but also a great year for my family and for the growth of my *small* business.

A little background behind my small business: iKNITiatives. While I consider myself a solopreneur / craftpreneur, I am more specifically a yarnpreneur. Most of my business involves the selling of my hand-dyed yarns and fibers. While I don’t consider myself a knitwear designer, I even have a few knit patterns available for sale. But my passion is creating – knitting, crocheting, making, dyeing, spinning…. From my blog, you can also tell that I dabble in other crafty outlets as well – homemade apothecary, cooking, baking, fabric crafting, etc.

I operate iKNITiatives with the goal of one day owning my own brick & mortar retail space that will become the vessel to offering my hand-dyed yarns & fibers on more of a physical platform in addition to being online. Right now, iKNITiatives only supplements my family’s current income but I hope to change through the means of owning my own storefront.

Currently, I have a well paying job as a manager in the healthcare industry and while I’m ever so grateful for it, I know that it is not something that I am truly meant to keep doing throughout my life. I feel my purpose in life has been to make things and be crafty. Often, I hear from my family,”Why don’t you just pick one thing and focus on that and be really good at that?” And you know what my response is? No. I don’t want to! What’s the fun in that? My crafting is as random as my thoughts and conversations at times but one thing has remained consistent and that one thing involves and revolves around yarn.

So with that in mind, here are my top 5 business goals for 2015:

1. Continue to grow iKNITiatives to be a well known online (for now) curator of hand-dyed yarns & fibers by providing monthly yarn shop updates.

2. Build relevancy within iKNITiatives – i.e. do more shows in 2015, introduce either more yarn & fiber bases or more repeatable colors, get my yarns/fibers sold in my LYS (this one is currently in the works).

3. Be realistic with my time. Don’t bite off more than I can chew.

4. Commit to blogging more – 2-3 times per week.

5. Start either a podcast or vidcast.

Whatever your crafty or non-crafty endeavors be for 2015, I wish you all the best and a great year ahead!

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