Handmade Holiday

Last year I started a tradition.

I was going to craft a new handmade gift for my family to present to them each Christmas.

Last year it was wreaths and no-sew fleece NFL blankets.

This year it is handmade soaps and scrubs with a couple crocheted face scrubbies.

For the scrubs, I whipped together 3 different varieties: Lemon Sea Salt, Coffee, and Vanilla Brown Sugar.

For the soaps, I have 2 different varieties: Lavender base and Oatmeal base. The lavender bars are scented with a mixture of lavender, sandalwood, and vanilla while the oatmeal bars are scented with either vanilla, sandalwood, sweet magnolia, and orchid or a mixture of all 4.

Anyone else hand-crafting their Christmas this year??



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  1. Handmade soaps make sweet-smelling gifts under the tree! My sister-in-law makes soap, too 🙂 ♥ ❤

    1. iknitiatives says:

      The hard part for me is going to be the packaging…I have so many ideas. I bet she loves it! I’ve fallen in love with the process and all of the possibilities that could be!

    2. iknitiatives says:

      I love it! I want to get into making other apothecary type things as well 🙂

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