Getting better acquainted with my Canon T3i via Craftsy & Rick Allred

This Christmas will mark the first year that I’ve owned my Canon T3i. I’ll admit that ever since then, I’ve let the camera do my creative work for me. But, all of that is going to change. Especially since I recently signed up for Rick Allred’s intro to DSL photography class through Craftsy.

Craftsy (along with Creativebug) has been my mainstay for increasing my crafty knowledge repertoire.

While I mostly sign up for knitting/crocheting/designing classes, photography is a key part of my crafty life regarding my yarn & fiber dyeing. I have to be able to accurately reflect to the public the colors that I produce on my yarns and fibers so I figured that by adding this photography class, I could do just that. It also will help me capture those everyday moments of my family and increase my portrait taking skills.

I went to my sister’s house a few days ago and wanted to take some nice pictures of her Christmas tree. This gave me the opportunity to play around with some settings.

**Please be forewarned. I’m no way no how trying to act like I completely know what I’m talking about below with the photography terms or descriptions I’m about to use. I’m still learning terms like aperature, ISO, depth of field, etc. etc. So please forgive me when I go on to describe the method to which I took the below pictures.**

With these two pictures of the ornaments, I used the close up feature which created a nice shot which I believe is generally called macro photography. It basically blurred the background to each photo.



Here are some other photos I took of her beautiful tree most of which I just played around with filters.




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