Maize mitts… or a variation of

When I was recently looking through my hand-spun yarn stash, I picked out some fiber dyed by Three Waters Farms that I spun into a lovely 2 ply. I believe I have close to 800 or so yards between 6 skeins. The fiber is a mixture of Polwarth wool and silk and let me tell you… the colors that were dyed into this fiber are absolutely gorgeous IMHO- especially if you love blues/greens/silvery grays with a hint of light chestnut. I spun this yarn early in my learn to spin days back in spring / summer of 2013.

So when I was pondering what I should knit up in this hand-spun, I thought why not a nice pair of chunky fingerless mitts?? I stumbled across the Maize pattern by Tin Can Knits mostly because I knew they offered some free patterns and I really enjoy their designs.

I decided to hold the yarn doubled so that it would come out to a worsted to aran/chunky type yarn.

This was the swatch:


Not too long after, the swatch turned into a pair of these:


And then this… :


Overall, great pattern and I have to say, my hand-spun was pretty consistent throughout. However, if I do decide to make these again, I won’t be doubling the hand-spun. Also, for some reason, I had trouble keeping track of knitting the knits and purling the purls and somehow ended up with misplaced stitches. Also, I must not have measured the first one correctly because the second one is a tad bigger. Not enough for a non-knitter to realize but enough for a type A like me for it to bother.

I really want to put these in the dryer to shrink a bit but I don’t want to end up hating myself afterwards and ending up with a useless felted mess.

I tried blocking out the difference but the blocking seemed to only make them bigger and I didn’t even pin these in place.


So I ask everyone reading this post – what would you do? Throw them in the dryer and keep a watchful eye or live with them being a tad on the un-fitted side??

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  1. Tough call… They look cozy, though! 🙂 ♥ ❤

    1. iknitiatives says:

      Thanks!! I did end up throwing them in the dryer and now they are perfectlt even! So the little bit of felting definitely helped!

      1. Whew, glad it worked out. A little felting can sure feel good! 🙂 ♥ ❤

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