Got my ‘Fix

Tuesday evening I was so happy to arrive home and see my very first Stitch Fix box waiting for me!

If you don’t know Stitch Fix, it’s basically the best thing ever invented!! No but really…. your own personal stylist picking out items for you based on your style profile while taking the pressure off of you to find things you love. If you are busy or even just don’t like the hassle of clothing shopping (said me not ever lol), you pay $20 once your fix ships and clothing is sent straight to your door. Your own personal stylist carefully picks 5 items to send to you – in my case, on an every 2-3 weeks basis – based on your own unique style profile that you complete.

So let’s get on to my first Fix… It was quite nice! I received a flowy blouse, a pair of dark denim skinnies, an animal printed pencil skirt, a black long sleeved cowl thermal, and a faux leather slim fitted jacket.

The only thing I was a bit surprised by was the price of each item… some were dead on, some were not. For instance, the faux leather jacket was $78 whereas the basic black thermal was $84. If anything, I thought that the jacket would be more expensive than the thermal.

Had I fit into every piece, I would have been sooooo tempted to buy all 5 pieces and if you do, you get 25% off of the entire price. So, had I done that, I would have spent about $280-$290 on 5 very versatile, great wardrobe-building basics. But…. I only decided to go with the animal printed pencil skirt. That is the one thing I don’t own right now that I thought could be very fun. While it is a very noticeable print, I know I will get some versatility out of it…. I’ll have my choice of pairing it with about 3 different color shirts (tan, black, dark brown) and can easily wear with flats, stilettos, or even tall boots.

While I try to remain as much as I can on a fashion / crafting / yarn/ fiber budget, the skirt fit nicely into said budget at $44. The regular price was $64 but you get the $20 fee that you pay for each Fix applied as a discount to whatever you purchase.

If having a personal stylist seemed out of reach for you until now, click here to check it out!! You can cancel anytime which means no commitment!

I’m looking forward to my next Fix!

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