A Whale of A Time!

On Sunday, September 14th, my mom and I hosted my sister’s baby shower at 1810 Tavern.

We enlisted the help of my sister’s mother-in-law, sister-in-law, future sister-in-law, many aunts, and cousins.

My mom and my major responsibilities included the venue and the menu while my sister’s in-laws took care of the decorations, tablescapes, and favors.  Our aunt made cupcakes as dessert and all in all, it was a wonderfully put together event (in our opinion!).  The attention to detail regarding the decorations could not have been any better.  Her in-laws did a wonderful job!

My sister decided on a whale theme which I thought couldn’t be any cuter.  She also has carried the whale / nautical theme into the baby’s nursery.

The menu consisted of 3 rather simple courses: Tomato Dill soup as 1st course, Spring mix salad with balsamic vinegarette as 2nd course, and a choice of 2 flatbreads (Vegetable Primavera or White Cheddar Chicken) as 3rd course.

My sister loved how everything came together and how everyone was able to participate in some way.

Here are some pictures from the shower.

(I only wish mine was this creatively done years ago 🙂  – hehehe….)

20140914_12241220140914_115944IMG_174320140914_12010920140914_12002920140914_12003420140914_122401 20140914_120208IMG_1777IMG_1787wpid-img_20140914_145049.jpg20140914_120123IMG_178320140914_11351720140914_12250120140914_12251820140914_123440IMG_1746IMG_20140914_141652

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