Fiber Goodies from Turquoise Owl Fibers

While I did not actually formally participate in TDF (Tour de fleece) 2014, it didn’t stop me from purchasing some new fiber goodies from Holly at Turquoise Owl Fibers on Etsy. Her puni fiber prep is one of the best I’ve come acros and I’m in love with the colors that she blends. Two of my favorite are her “Cupcake Confetti” and “Rigmarole” colorways which are art style punis. Her art style punis have fiber content that may contain Merino, BFL, Angora, Silk Noil, Falkland, Polwarth, Sari Silk, Firestar, and Tussah Silk for example. Holly also offers smooth style punis which can contain Merino, BFL, and Tussah Silk, and Bamboo for example. My latest new purchases from Holly included colorways “TDF2014”, “OOAK #2”, and “Beyond the Garden Gate ” pictured below (from left to right).

Hand-carded punis by Turquoise Owl Fibers
Hand-carded punis by Turquoise Owl Fibers

I just finished spinning up 2 ounces of the “Cupcake Confetti” punis and I decided to go with a traditional 3 ply – first time ever as I usually do navajo ply. I knew I wouldn’t get much yardage because of the 3 separate plys and because I tend to spin more thick than thin, but I ended up with a nice, round 44 yards – pre-soak and thwack. Once I soak and thwack, that may affect the yardage a bit. I’m happy with how the colors look together.

Hand-spun "Cupcake Confetti" punis
Hand-spun “Cupcake Confetti” punis

I’m really looking forward to my next spin of these punis!

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