Our Cape May Get-away

Our first vacation of the year is being spent at the Jersey shore in Cape May.
Cape May has to be one of my favorite vacation spots. We decided to be budget friendly and choose the Buckingham Motel. For the price, you can’t beat it. While the decor may be a little out-dated, it is always nice and clean.

One of the things I love most about Cape May is that it is very quaint and family-friendly. I also love the shops at Washington St. Mall.

Luckily, we were able to squeeze in some beach time yesterday.  We had a good 2 hours of sun and were able to get into the water which was pretty cold as you could imagine.image

I love the Bath Time shop and picked up 2 perfume rollettes and an after shave lotion for Tim. I customized the scents for each. I mixed Tea Rose & Cucumber for one scent, White Tea & Blue Musk for another, and for Tim’s after shave lotion, I mixed Amber, Black Tie, and Clean Cotton. They also have this wonderful scent called Himalaya but they were out of it. It was a sweet musky scent that words cannot describe. And for a shore staple, we went to the Fudge Kitchen.


Yesterday, I stopped at the Fiber Arts Yarn Shop and picked up a skein of Austermann Step 6 fingering weight sock yarn which is a mix of 75% SW Virgin Wool and 25% Polyamide. It also has Aloe Vera gel in it which I thought was pretty cool!




We bought Carter 2 new pets – 2 hermit crabs to which he named “Kermit” & “Junk Head”.  LOL.


While the weather hasn’t been bad, there’s been a 30% chance of rain since we arrived on Monday and that will be the case until we leave Friday morning. I’m really praying the rain holds out until we leave Friday as this afternoon we plan on taking Carter to the Cape May Zoo. It is free and from what I’ve read, it’s really nice for being free. And, most importantly, this evening we have a Sunset Buffet Dolphin Cruise planned with the Starlight Fleet. It is $40 per adult (their website has a $3 off per adult coupon code) and children under 6 ride for free. For 4 adults and our son, Carter, the total with the service fee was $156. The cruise is 2 1/2 hours long and cruises past the US Coast Guard base, Commercial Fishing Fleets, Cape May Harbor, The Lobster House, Fisherman’s Wharf, and the Schooner “American”. It will also travel through the Cape May Canal which connects the Atlantic to the Delaware Bay.

Tomorrow will be our last day at the shore and we will eat a nice dinner at the famous Lobster House and perhaps do more souvenir shopping and biking during the day.

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