Knitting and Crocheting and Spinning…Oh my!

I’d say that over the past few months or so, knitting, crocheting, and spinning have consumed a greater portion of my time so much so that I have been able to finish 4 unique color samples of my gradient yarns that I’m in collabo over with a LYS, I’ve been able to put a huge dent in my Featherweight cardigan by Hannah Fettig, I’ve found a new love of fiber prep, and I’m becoming obsessed with crocheting hexagons.

I am really loving my gradient colorways that I soon hope to offer in a LYS. I was inspired by the yarn company Freia as they do such beautiful gradients. I also love Apple Tree Farms gradients as well. The first gradient I used 1 shade of blue and different dye strengths while the other three gradients used 4 different shades each.





I plan on capturing a pic of my Featherweight cardigan once it’s finished…I may have to make some modifications to the size of the sleeves because while I purchased 3 skeins of Malabrigo sock, I had a nightmare of a time winding one particular skein that got so knotted that in the end I just had to cut it and make some knots so that half of the skein wouldn’t be wasted and thrown away. So, I’m hoping that by shortening the sleeves, I’ll avoid having to play yarn chicken.

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with spinning punis and found Turquoise Owl Fibers through my Instagram account. Holly hand-cards beautiful fibers into tightly rolled long finger-like cigar shapes which is a fiber prep called punis. I am totally hooked on them!



Those punis above were spun into a navajo plied yarn and two core-spun yarns using crochet thread (to preserve yardage) respectively. I love the way they turned out.




I also began crocheting some hexagons as a palette cleanser, if you will, in between knitting and spinning. After having taken out the book “Granny Squares: 20 Crochet Projects With A Vintage Vibe” about a million times from my library, I know that I will be purchasing it soon. I really love to use my library as a means of “test driving” craft books before I buy them and I can say this book is definitely worth buying. So many great, inspirational projects! I found a nice hexagon pattern there and have made a stack of these:




One day they will get pieced into a beautifully cheery blanket!

Next up – I found this free pattern for a super simple and easy knitted chevron blanket by Espace Tricot that I am making for my future baby niece/nephew. My sister is 15 weeks pregnant and finds out whether she’s having a boy or girl on June 20th. Yay!!!! Im so excited to find out because I want to start making some gender specific items soon. This chevron blanket uses 5 different colors that I chose to be rather muted and uni-sex. My color inspiration came from my Instagram friend Happystarlove. She made a gorgeous chevron blanket using similar shades in the Baby Bee yarn by I Love This Yarn sold at Hobby Lobby. I used similar colors but in their worsted weight:





Lastly, I also attemtped to make a version of the Katniss cowls that were out there and I purchased a pattern off of Etsy, but that cowl turned out to be an EPIC fail. After 3 months of an off and on love and hate relationship with it, I gave up (which I do not do normally) and I frogged it. It won and I lost. Why not email the designer for pattern support you ask?? No, too complicated to try to explain to the designer the major issues I was having. I got this far on the cowl before I threw in the towel:

Nothing at all against the designer- just not a pattern I grasped. Oh well… However, I did find a free pattern version through Red Heart yarns website and have started knitting that one. It should go pretty fast as the pattern is 2 pages.

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