Back in Action!

I’m coming fresh off of a wonderful vacation last week with my family and in-laws at Myrtle Beach.

We had a wonderful time!

We stayed at the Royale Palms which is part of the Kingston Plantation and stayed from 9/3-9/7, which was honestly the best time to go down there in my opinion. It was not very crowded at all, the weather was smokin’ hot, and better yet- we had a beautiful 3 bedroom 3 bath condo at what was such an affordable price – $269 per night!

Our usual vacation spot each year is my favorite Cape May, NJ, but with last year’s storm that blew up the coast of NJ, we didn’t want to chance it being super crowded. I have to say Myrtle Beach may be tied with Cape May as my favorite vacation spot in my opinion.

Always a bonus and always something I seek out wherever I take a trip to were the yarn stores I found. I actually identified 3 stores but the second one in North Mrytle Beach doesn’t seem to physically exist- even though they have a website with pictures of inside the store? Or maybe I just sucked with the directions on finding it but anyways, I found Knit-N-Purl. What a cute shop! They had an abundance of yarn which was categorized around the walls according to yarn weight which I thought was a great idea. There I picked up some KnitCol in a colorway I bought from WEBS online a couple years ago.

The second yarn store I tried to get to was Knitting Up A Storm. After 15 minutes of trying to find it (even with having naviagtion in my rental), it was a fail and I gave up. I was super bummed because the website looks great and gives you a glimpse of what the store looks like inside. They also seem to carry designers that the previous store didn’t carry.

The third store just happened to be a coincidence as my husband was golfing at Caledonia in Pawley’s Island and I was going with him that day and my internet search led me to Island Knits– 3 miles from where he was golfing. This was also a cute shop but much smaller than the first one. I picked up some Liberty Wool and Ella Rae Lace Merino Chunky.

So today, I spent the day dyeing up batches of some new fall colorways. My wholesale order finally came in while I was on vacation. I’m very pleased with how they all turned out. I will be posting the colors with their respective names as soon as they are finished drying. I have sweater quantities in 2 of the colorways and 2 other colorways are repeatable. Can’t wait to post them!

Below I will leave you with some random vacation pictures.

Happy yarn crafting 🙂













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