Rayures & new Berroco yarn

I went to one of my LYS this afternoon with the intention of only looking but we all know how that goes…

Needless to say, I picked up a lovely cowl pattern after having modeled the display the store had and I also picked up some yarn to make it out of.

The pattern is the Rayures Cowl by Amy Miller. The pattern calls for Finch by Quince & Co., but the store had made it out of Berroco’s Maya. So I chose Maya in white, a deep blue/purple, spearmint, and light aqua. I intend to have the background all white and alternate between the three other colors as the stripes.

I am going to try to cast on tonight even though I have my other projects lurking around. So far on the hooks and needles, I have a Featherweight, a Mini-Ballerina, two Weekend Granny Square blankets (one being made out of worsted and the other out of Super Bulky yarn) so I have my projects cut out for me.

While it is doubtful I will actually cast on for the Rayures Cowl this evening, it is very likely I’ll get back to my Featherweight and Weekend Granny Square blankets.

Good night to all & Happy Knitting!


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