I suffer from SSS

I currently suffer from SSS – Second Sock Syndrome. I hope to change that soon by watching a tutorial about knitting 2 at a time on circulars. One of my Instagram friends suggested the Very Pink tutorial.

With that said, here is the sock puppetI created out of sad, lone sock made with KPPPM held double. The pattern is Garter Stripes Baby Socks by Jennifer Hoel.


If you are on Instagram, look me up as “iknitiatives”!

4 thoughts on “I suffer from SSS

  1. Two toe-up socks at once on a magic loop are totally addictive. It also solved the oh-my-goodness-this-cuff-is-so-short-but-I-know-I’ll-run-out-of-yarn-if-I-don’t-turn-the-heel-now-because-hubby-wears-SIZE-12-oh-crud-look-how-much-I-have-left problem I had. ūüėČ

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