My Yarnbox finally arrived! Back in mid-June I signed up for a monthly subscription to Yarnbox and since then, I’ve been waiting with baited breath.

So imagine my excitement seeing it in the mail!


Inside this lovely brown rectangle lay 4 skeins of Darn Good Yarn in Plush (1 skein), At The Bahamas (1 skein), and Recycled Silk Yarn (2 skeins).




The colors are so punchy and vibrant – I love them!!

Also included in the box were 2 charming pattern postcards from designers Laura Nelkin and Sarah Jane Jackson. The cards include pictures and on the backs of the cards tell you a short bio about each designer and include discounts off of their patterns and the Sarah Jane Jackson postcard included a code to redeem a free copy of her Frippery Cuff pattern available on Ravelry.


I’m so pleased with this box and can’t wait for next month’s!

Any ideas what I should make??

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  1. Some really interesting yarns here! It must be really lovely to get a surprise bundle each month – I would just worry that it would all just go into my stash!

    1. iknitiatives says:

      Yeah I must admit I’m sure I’ll be stashing this for a while… I’m thinking making a scarf with it all- something light, breezy, and summery. We shall see!

  2. That is a very nice bundle! Deciding what to knit with it would be my biggest dilemma ❤

  3. lawlady1 says:

    I have a terrible time coming up with projects for specialty yarns like what you received. I love the look and feel, but can’t figure out how to best use them. Even knitting swatches doesn’t seem to strike inspiration. I hate to give up and make (yet another) scarf out of a specialty yarn that I otherwise really like.

    One more thing – I’ve purchased recycled silk hanks at various times, and am put off by the “feel” of them – they seem to be slightly sticky, either because it’s silk or because it’s recycled. Any thoughts on how to treat recycled silk? Or is that how it’s supposed to feel?

    1. iknitiatives says:

      Yes I agree about the scarf thing… I’d love to make a chunky belt out of my recycled silk yarn and I think I will scour Ravelry and the like for patterns. As far as treating silk, have you tried steaming? That may help to take away some of that feeling you are experiencing. Maybe even try pre-soaking in some Euchalan or Soak no rinse detergent, letting it air-dry then steaming it last. Hope that helps 🙂

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