Namaste: My review of The Harlow bag & The Devin wristlet

For my birthday on July 10th, I enjoyed a wonderful day with my husband which started out dropping Carter off at daycare, then having a great breakfast at Cafe Des Amis in Sewickley, a quick jaunt to my LYS in Sewickley (Yarns Unlimited) and then we trotted over to Kennywood for some amusement fun!

While at Yarns Unlimited, I fell in love with The Harlow bag from Namaste. I recently heard Jasmin from The Knitmore Girls review the bag and by her description, I really wanted to see it in person- I was that excited!!

So, I did get that as a gift along with The Devin wristlet.

The Harlow bag has ample storage. There are 2 envelope flap pockets with magnetic closures on the outside front with a longer pocket alongside also including 2 magnetic closures. At each end of the bag includes a pocket with no closures – each big enough to hold your typical water/drink bottle. Lastly, on the backside of the bag, there is a zipper closure pocket about 4 inches deep.


The inside storage includes 2 side by side pockets on one side that are each big enough to hold smartphones and on the opposite side, there is a zippered pocket. And, the middle space is big enough for multiple yarn projects and incidentals.


The verdict: I am absolutely in love with this bag! I love the more than ample storage it provides for knitters/crochets/crafters, but what I love most is it’s fashionable enough that it doesn’t scream project bag. While I also love project bags, for those days that I want to be discreet with my knitting but have it close by, this bag is everyday functional for that. I’ve gotten compliments from non-crafters about this bag and they can’t believe it’s a bag marketed towards crafters. I love that it comes in a limited range of colors – eggplant, canary yellow, caribbean blue (shown here), pumpkin spice, and espresso. These colors will carry you over from season to season. Lastly, you have options for 2 different handles which translates into 3 different holding styles: on your shoulder, in hand, or cross-body messenger style.

My next review is The Devin wristlet. This wristlet to me could also be considered as a clutch. It has a middle zipper compartment inside along with 2 side by side pockets to hold a normal size cell phone and opposite those on the , you have another zippered compartment with 6 credit card sized holders.



The verdict: A must have! Even if you may not have the budget or you may not want a bag the size of Harlow for whatever reason, don’t pass this little wristlet up. Its great to throw into your existing project bag to keep track of your debit card, keys, cell phone, and notions. This wristlet helps save me from the dreaded “I can’t find my keys!!” which then leads to “I can’t find my cell phone!”.

With regards to my personal color choices, I chose each in a different color because I knew I wanted an everyday bag in a pop of color that was a bit outside of my comfort zone. I already own a dark espresso Coach bag from 2005 that is a staple for me and lately, buying any type of designer bag these days is really at the bottom of my priority list because I have more responsibilities now for my budget than we did prior to having mortgages and now a child, etc…But I did buy the wristlet in the espresso color in the event I wanted to toss it into my leather Coach bag or just wanted to carry it on its own. Plus, I really didn’t want to be matchy-matchy.

For their respective price points, these are great bags. You get the look of leather (these are made of vegan leather) without the high price tag or the heaviness of an actual leather bag. I know that if I put 3 things in my leather Coach, I’m already feeling the weight of it on my shoulder. Furthermore, these are classic styles and colors that can be a staple in your wardrobe along with offering great storage for your crafting needs.

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