Manos Del Uruguay new roving

I had picked up a braid of Manos Del Uruguay’s new roving while on my mini-vaca to Southport, NC at the lovely Angelwings Needle Shop.

A few days ago I was intent on finally getting it spun on my wheel because I had the Yarn Hollow sampler I was spinning fresh off of the bobbin. See below pic.


To my dismay, when I began spinning the Manos, it was like pulling teeth. I could not draft it easily at all. I was so bummed because it cost me $24 and the colors were gorgeous so I was really looking forward to spinning it.


One of my Instagram knitting friends suggested I soak the roving as there could be some dye still in the roving and maybe that is why it was giving me problems but I did that and it didn’t work.

I did a little research and found that Fairmount Fibers was the U.S. distributor and so I sent them an email explaining the situation. Within a day, I was contacted by one of their representatives, Jocelyn, who explained they had issues early on with some batches of roving that had felted. That makes perfect sense! The fiber was felted! So, she let me know she would send me a new braid.

I’m very impressed with their customer service and can’t wait to actually be able to spin with it.

If anyone else is interested in their roving, here is the link.

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