Featherweight Cardigan

One of my goals this year is to make myself a sweater. Some of you may be scratching your head as to why I don’t own a hand knit sweater knit by myself. I’ve knit sweaters, however, just never for me- mostly as baby gifts and the latest one for my son.

Now I know the Featherweight Cardigan is not a sweater per say, but I think it will be a good jumping off point.

I’m the type that likes quick instant gratification knits so that’s probably why it has taken me so long.

Plus, the type of yarns that I like usually require 6 or 7 balls to make a general medium sized sweater without much fanciness to it so to drop $120 on a sweater is just not really my thing right now. Not to say I don’t spend that much on yarn/fiber at times, but just that I’d rather spend that on yarn that I will get multiple projects out of.

Maybe it makes sense, maybe it doesn’t… maybe by this time next year I’ll be buying sweater quantities worth of yarn. I’m tricky like that so you never know :).

But for now, I will try my hand at this cardigan and give this a shot.

The yarn I chose is Malabrigo sock because it has 440 yds. so I’m getting bang for my buck. I bought 3 but had such a debacle the other night trying to wind up the first skein into a ball that after almost 4 hours of being on the floor trying to untangle it, I threw in the towel and went to bed. It was 1:30 am and I had to get up at 6!! I’m still having nightmares about it. I believe I was able to salvage about 1/2 of the skein, but as I took the other tangled mess and threw it in the trash, I almost shed a tear… I tried… I really did. I’m not the type to give up on anything yet alone a tangled mess of yarn. But the yarn won I’m afraid… Well, it half won. So I guess you can say the yarn and I were tied.

If anyone has any tips or tricks regarding winding a skein into a ball- please let me know. Right now I am using an electric ball winder…

I’ll leave you with a picture of the result (and I really hope this doesn’t happen to the other 2 skeins that I will wind into balls)…





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  1. Gosh you must have got in a pickle. I really feel for you. Lovely colour though.

    1. iknitiatives says:

      Yeah it really stunk!!! Thanks 🙂

      1. Good luck with the other skeins.

      2. iknitiatives says:

        Thank you 🙂

  2. So sorry that happened to you, I have had a similar experience with the malabrigo sock, I ended up having my husband help with the unwinding, and being my personal swift. I am using a hand crank winder and the only thing I can recommend is going slow and maybe have a buddy to help? Good luck, great color btw.

    1. iknitiatives says:

      Thank you @introvertedknitter! Usually I put the skein on a chair back which is what I did and I think it had something to do with the yarn end that I picked up because it was going good for the first few yards then it got all messed up. LOL

  3. I’m the crazy lady that still winds by hand, then? The key with hand winding is never to cross the strands on the skein. Sometimes it seems twisted when it’s really just snagged. Hold the skein with one hand flat on top and gently tug the strand loose with the other is usually what works for me! Good luck with the others!

    1. iknitiatives says:

      @sourdoughkaty, you’re not crazy at all! I actually used to do it that way and I may resort to doing it that way now- at least with this yarn in particular. Thanks for the helpful tips!

      1. Lol. That’s good! There’s just something about an African market basket full of old fashioned yarn balls…mmmmmmm…

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