Carter’s sweater & scrumptious Tosh DK


Aw yes… I wanted to provide an update on the little man’s sweater so that I can now hold myself accountable for when I deliberately choose not to pick it up and continue working on it… I am making progress. I am at where the body and sleeves divide.

If you have followed my previous early postings regarding this sweater, the pattern is basically my own “recipe” from Ann Budd’s The Knitter’s Handy Book of Top Down Sweaters. I won’t get into it, but the “recipe” style is not really for me. I need an already laid out pattern. That’s not to say that the book isn’t good, because it is. Maybe it’s just me. Well, I’m sure it is just me. But, I’m also one of those learners who learns by watching someone else do something. It’s just the method that I adapt to the easiest.

Anyway… I do want to say that I admire all of you who can pop out a baby / toddler sweater in as much time as it takes to deliver a baby. You, my friends, are my heros. Unlike myself who probably takes as much time as it would maybe take an intermediate/advanced knitter to knit 5 baby sweaters.

But, I’m going to quit beating myself up. I am going to finish this damn thing 🙂

Today started out nice weather wise and then came the rain (off and on), the wind (pretty windy), and some rumbles of thunder (no lightning). So, I trudged it in the rain to Sewickley to my LYS Yarns Unlimited and Kathy was gracious enough to help me in my little man’s sweater conundrum. I was confused about casting on under the sleeve… But Kathy rescued me and I am very grateful for that. Her reward (well and mostly mine)? My purchase of 2 skeins of Tosh DK in colorway Toast. I really enjoy Tosh DK and that is what the little man’s sweater is being knit up in. I will *sigh* make another baby sweater out of it for my cousin’s new little guy who arrived on 4/21. And I say *sigh* not because I don’t want to knit my cousin’s baby a sweater, but because I hope I find an enjoyable pattern to knit that will help this Tosh DK fly off my needles quicker than a dropped stitch. With that said, I highly doubt I will be using the recipe method, however. I will most likely find a cute little sweater on Ravelry.

So, I will leave you with these & I hope everyone has a lovely Wednesday!



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