Kitchen Kettle Village

During our stay with my in-laws, we all made a trip to Dutch country. We visited Strasburg and rode the Strasburg Rail Road. The journey started with a “45-minute train ride on America’s oldest short-line railroad – circa 1832.” The little guy loves trains so it was fun to take him to the gift shops and on the train ride.

Then we took a car ride to Intercourse, Pa and visited Kitchen Kettle Village.

Of course anywhere I go, I do research ahead of time to scoop out some local yarn shops. I was able to stop at the Lancaster Yarn Shop.

20130413-183901.jpg It’s such a cute shop inside and unfortunately I didn’t snap any pics of the inside, but they didn’t have the yarns and stuff that I’m used to purchasing. They may have had 3 different kinds – a cotton by a company I’ve never heard of, Cascade Eco, and Brown Sheep. They also had some nice kettle dyed yarn that I believe was kettle dyed by the Amish and a very small selection of roving, but lately I’ve been addicted to buying roving from Three Waters Farm– I love their hand-dyed roving!!

Kitchen Kettle Village also had some other cute shops that featured quilts, homemade cheeses, jams, kettle corn, country store knick knacks, fudge, candles, etc. We only had an hour there before we had to head to Downingtown for dinnner so I didn’t get to go everywhere I wanted. But, hopefully during our next trip down to Elverson, we will be able to head down there again as it’s only about 22 miles from there.









So I have been able to knit on the little man’s sweater while at the in-laws house and during car rides which I’m really enjoying. I’m glad I stuck with my decision to leave the Sidekick at home- even though I do love it so!

We will be heading back to Pittsburgh tomorrow at 9am and it will be about a 5 hour trip. My husband will be driving so that will be a treat. I may even cast on a new project for my baby cousin. I did tell her mom I was making her a tunic dress that she can wear over tights.

I also have to knit up a hospital hat for my other cousin who is due at the end of April.

So many knits, so little time!!

I hope everyone is having a beautiful weekend! It’s gorgeous out today…













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