I really need to work on my knitting.

I’ve been spinning so much lately that I have abandoned my poor knitting – oh no!! Lol…

I get into these kicks where I get a new toy or discover a new hobby or what have you (i.e. spinning and hand dyeing) and it takes up all of my free time. I’m sure I’m not the only one out there that happens to, but it’s really getting me down that I don’t have that same amount of passion for my knitting projects.

I am still on the yoke of the little man’s sweater and it just seems like I’m never going to finish it. And I’m using some really great yarn- MadTosh Tosh DK- so I don’t know why I’m not into it??

Scratch that. I do know. It’s because of the wheel. Who am I kidding? This wheel is taking over every spare minute while at home and I’m kind of loving it.

My fear is that I’ll soon get sick of my wheel and not want to touch it. Boy, I hope that never happens… I invested too much money for that to happen!!

We are actually leaving to go visit my in-laws outside of Philly early tomorrow morning so I will have about 5 hours to knit on the car ride hopefully if the hubby drives. We usually take turns driving. Sadly, I will be leaving my Sidekick home. I think it will be good though as absence will make my heart grow fonder! Until then and for now, I will be spinning the night away…..!

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  1. I so hear ya! LOL When I got my fast flyer a couple of weeks ago, all I wanted to do was spin. Knitting and crocheting was a chore. Spinning hasn’t got old for me yet, but I’ve been able to get back on track because that’s where the demand for my work is right now. I hope you have a great time at the in-laws!

    1. iknitiatives says:

      Thanks! I’m glad you can relate! I’m hoping the weather stays as nice as it’s been here in Pittsburgh/Philly. I’m going to try to post some progress pics of the little man’s sweater along with casting on a little tank dress for my cousin’s toddler, fingers crossed! You have a good weekend!

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