Thin Spin

I’m spinning up my First Bloom colorway fiber from Three Waters Farm and it is 85% Polwarth 15% Tussah Silk and I love it!

It is such a dream to spin with. This by far has to be my favorite fiber combo to spin. I’m getting it really thin, which I like, and so far it’s been pretty sturdy and holding up well. I’m sure that’s because of the strength that the silk adds.

The colors are a gorgeous mix of lime/purple/rose/olive/tan.

Here is what I have spun up so far- about 1 ounce I would guess.


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  1. The colours are lovely 🙂 I am in awe of anyone who spins their own. Good for you 🙂

    1. iknitiatives says:

      Thanks!! I started spinning mid March on a spindle and that lasted for about a week and a half until I bought my wheel… I don’t know what’s more addicting- spinning on the wheel or buying gorgeous fiber!

      1. Lol – understand that sentiment 🙂

  2. iknitiatives says:

    Thank you so much! I’m really trying to take my time with it.

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