Fiber is delicious.

Happy Easter everyone! I’m truly blessed and thankful to God for my loved ones and everything he’s given to me. He is great! I’m so ready for spring and all of spring’s colors and in preparation, I purchased some lovely spring inspired colorways from Three Waters Farm in First Bloom and Flowering Quince. First Bloom…

Girlfriends skeined

Alpaca/Merino/Silk blend from Three Waters Farm in colorway Girlfriends all skeined up. Available at my Etsy shop iKnitiatives.

Put another roving on the bobbin…

Here is my latest spin. This is my center pull roving from Hanks in the Hood shop on Etsy. This is spinning up “artsy”… Thick and thin, slubb-ish, chunky, super skinny… Ultimately, it looks fun. There are short fibers mixed in making it a little challenging for a newbee spinner like me, but then again,…

Candy Apple

Here is my hand-dyed 100% wool in colorway Candy Apple. Again, it’s a simple solid / ever so slightly tonal red. Sometimes simple is good 🙂 Available at my Etsy shop iKnitiatives.

Sun Glow

Here is my hand-dyed 100% wool in colorway Sun Glow. Nothing complicated- just a simple and bright solid yellow. Available at my Etsy shop iKnitiatives.

New yarn alert!

After a beautiful stroll in Sewickley, I had no choice but to go inside my LYS… I went in with the intentions of buying some roving but they only had a few solids. I ended up with Ella Rae Lace Merino Worsted and Debbie Bliss Rialto DK each in a lovely color way.

Girlfriends spun up

Here is the color way Girlfriends from Three Waters Farm spun up on my wheel done in 2 ply. I wanted to try chain or Navajo ply but feared I would mess it up and ruin these gorgeous singles. Plus, I’m not tired of the barber pole effect yet. I actually really like it.


Here is a glimpse of what I’ve spun up so far out of my roving from Three Waters Farm. The color way is called Girlfriends.

For the love of Fiber

Here are pics of the fiber I recently purchased from Three Waters Farm and Hanks in the Hood off of Etsy: I started spinning the Three Waters Farm last night and it is a mix of 50% Merino 30% Alpaca 20% Silk. I love how it is spinning up. My spinning is getting more consistent…

Tangerine Dream

Here is my latest hand spun / hand dyed yarn in a colorway called Tangerine Dream. It yields approx. 40 yds. of chunky worsted weight. I consider it a mini skein or “skeinette”. It would make a great yarn for making hexipuffs and putting your own spin on the Beekeepers Quilt. Available at my Etsy…