Is it no surprise I now have a tea stash?

I had to hit up Teavana a week or so ago and I bought a new favorite herbal- Peach Bellini Blush. It is amazing!! I also bought the Guava Papaya which is equally good. My tea stash is beginning to look a lot like my yarn stash- out of control!!

So I had to frog the little man’s sweater yet again! Man, I’m just not having any luck with Ann Budd’s top down sweater pattern/book.

In the meantime, I went to an LYS in Ross Township Dyed in the Wool for the first time on Wednesday and decided I want to learn to spin yarn. They are offering classes so I signed up for one on the 20th.

I’m excited to learn because I love all the beautiful hand painted roving for sale on Etsy.

I also stopped by my other LYS In Sewickley, Yarns Unlimited. I had a gift card that I received from work and decided to spend it on yarn. I bought some Ella Rae chunky merino, The Fiber Company Tundra, and Berocco’s Vintage worsted:




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