Frogged alert!

I had to frog the little man’s sweater Wednesday night…. I had the yoke completed and all… Had the sleeves on waste yarn…. And about to knit in the round for the body. The reason I frogged was because I was about to knit the body and was at the point where I had to cast on after having put the sleeves on waste yarn. I’m used to knitting top down seamless raglan baby sweaters and so the instructions (or lack thereof) from the book to cast on additional stitches threw me off. So I got frustrated and ripped it all out and then I decided to YouTube the scenario and then I wanted to scream. LOL. Ohhhh so that’s what you need to do for the cast on once the sleeves get put on waste yarn!!! My bad!

Oh well, back to square one…

Lessons learned- I will make sure to use the pattern for the seamless raglan AND I will use YouTube prior to frogging.

In my defense, this all occurred after12:30 am… Lol


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