More tea purchases and progress made on the Puerperium Baby Cardigan

Since my last post, I’ve managed to make it to Teavana two more times and managed to spend too much money on tea. But it was so worth it. Here are my latest purchases:

— Strawberry Rose Champagne
— Sweet Asian Pear
— Peach Momotao
— Pineapple Kawaii
— Strawberry Misaki
— Berry Basil Blast
— Chateau Blanc
— Sevenberry Sangria
— Rooibos Tropica
— CocoCaramel Sea Salt
— IntoTeas Gift Set (Purchased at 75% off!!!)

All of the above mentioned teas were purchased during the 75% off sale with the exception of the Strawberry Rose Champagne, Sweet Asian Pear, Chateau Blanc, and Peach Momotaro.

My fave so far remains the Strawberry Rose Champagne.

Now onto my knitting… Still working on the Puerperium Baby Cardigan but have made good progress since the last update. Hope to have it finished before the end of the month.

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