Knitting & Tea…A perfect combination

On Monday, I had the opportunity to volunteer at a local mall for the Make-A-Wish foundation with my co-workers. We presented a donation from our own pockets and helped collect donations. It was a great experience.

While at the mall, I stopped into a store that I’ve never given much thought to until that day. A co-worker had a bag of purchases from Teavana as a Christmas gift for someone he knew.

Turns out- I am absolutely in love with that place!!

Going on a month or more, I’ve been on my no coffee kick and in its place, I’ve substituted hot tea and hot chocolate. So when I’m at Starbucks these days, Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate is my drink of choice.

Anyway, Teavana is lovely! I sampled some really good teas and spent at least a half hour speaking with the sales woman about their many different products. I ended up purchasing 2 of their flavored Oolong teas- Strawberry Rose Champagne & Slimful Chocolate Decadence. Both are equally delicious but my favorite of the 2 is the Strawberry Rose Champagne. I picked up 2 ounces of each, a couple decorative canisters, a nice ceramic-ish mug with strainer, and a half of a pound of their German Rock Sugar. The total was roughly $60.

I’m already planning my next purchase from Teavana- the Perfectea Maker and I also want to try their Blooming White Tea. I sampled the Peach Momotaro in the store and it was just as delicious.

Check out Teavana’s website here.

So right now, I’m sippin’ and knittin’ trying to make more progress on my Puerperium Baby Cardigan.

I have a feeling that these new teas and of course yarn will be my yearly big ticket purchases.



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