New LYS!!! Wexford Dry Goods

I was so excited to see a new LYS pop up in my old neck of the woods.

I had the opportunity to visit it yesterday and speak with the owner, Carolyn.

Wexford Dry Goods is a very nicely laid out retail space which houses yarns, fabrics, and other related gifts.

They carry Debbie Bliss, Blue Sky Alpacas, Spud & Chloe, Cascade, and a local hand dyed yarn. There is a lovely rustic long wooden table with chairs from Arhaus and a comfy couch and chair nestled against the back entry. There is wonderful natural light coming in from both the front and the back entrances – something not many yarn shops are able to say they have.

When I first walked in I told the owner Carolyn that her store immediately reminded me of my favorite yarn shop in NYC to which she finished my sentence and replied “Purl Soho!”

The store is so spacious and put together very nicely.

Carolyn immediately noticed and asked about my knitted Shroom hat to which I wore because I thought you can’t walk into a yarn store without showing off something you made. Us knitters have a fond appreciation for other hand knits. It builds community in my eyes… So I told her of the pattern and I was so excited when she asked if I’d like to make one for the store. Of course I agreed. It was so nice of her to give me 2 skeins of Spud & Chloe Outer yarn in any color of my choice- for free. 🙂

The magazine selection is very nice as well. Mostly UK mags but they actually look like catalogs.

I could go on and on about everything I like about the store. Carolyn is friendly beyond friendly and the store just has a great look to it.

I purchased some white tee shirt yarn by HiKoo and one of the UK mags.

I’ll be bringing Carolyn the finished Shroom for the store on Saturday.

I’m so excited for her and her wonderful store!





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