FO – Sister’s Big Herringbone Cowl

So glad I can now consider my sister’s Big Herringbone Cowl an FO!

I used Berocco’s Ultra Alpaca and thought it was ok for this knit. Clearly not as drapey when compared to the one I knit for myself using Blue Sky Alpaca’s Organic Cotton due to the cotton’s natural drape characteristics, but a nice cost efficient alternative to the patterns suggested yarn, Blue Sky Alpaca’s Worsted. I only used 1 ball, so this is probably 1/3 the actual size it really should be…

I will admit, I rushed on it yesterday to get it done, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do…

Not my best but again I was dreading this and wanted to get done with it. It’s also not blocked.

Such is life.


3 thoughts on “FO – Sister’s Big Herringbone Cowl

    1. I have to say I liked it the first time around. By the second time, I was a little over it. But, it is a great cowl pattern, just a little too time consuming. I believe it’s 220 stitches in the round.

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