Wa La! A finished baby sock :)

Yay! I finished the first sock.

Because of how big this looks, I decided to try and slip it on Carter’s foot while he was sleeping in his crib. I couldn’t tell in the dark if it was a good fit and I didn’t want to wake him up, so I figured I would try it on him in the morning.

This sock was a huge learning experience and I learned the following:

1. Dissect the entire pattern. I thought I had but this pattern was tricky.
2. If you’ve had to frog more than 2 times the entire project, it’s probably wise to put in a life line.
3. Don’t give up! If you are stuck, there are plenty of resources out there such as YouTube, www.knittinghelp.com, forums in Ravelry, etc. And also don’t be afraid to contact the designer as if there isn’t already an errata, your issue may help to uncover an error in the pattern that the designer wasn’t already aware of.

Now… Can’t wait to start the 2nd sock




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