New yarn purchases

If I’m in Sewickley, which usually occurs on a weekly basis, then that means I’m usually at Starbucks and my LYS Yarns Unlimited which usually means I buy yarn.

Today, I got my hands on some Manos Del Uruguay Silk Blend in a lovely blend of mauve/pink/lavender/celadon/cumin/mint colors. The colorway is called Wildflower and it is 30% silk and 70% merino extrafine wool, kettle dyed. Each skein is 150 yards of pure soft sheen and luster. Inside the yarn label, it notes the location of where the yarn was dyed and also gives the name of the artisan. In my case, it was made in Frailes (I think? Kind of hard to read) and the artisan is Vanessa. I like that they “aim to bring economic and social opportunities to rural women.” I think it offers a nice price point at $12.50 per skein.






My other yarn purchase was some Koigu KPPPM…wow that’s a lot of P’s. I like KPPPM because it is hand-painted 100% merino wool. In a skein, you get 175 yards for $13.50.

This colorway is called “Pale Denim Blues” and has lovely variations of baby blues/lavenders/white/beiges.


Both brands have great price points. I tend to stick between a $10-$20 price point if I’m buying yarn from a specialty yarn store just because of how often I tend to buy at times.

As far as uses for these yarns are concerned, My cousin is pregnant and due in April 2013 so I’m thinking I’ll use the KPPPM to make a newborn hat and matching sock booties if she has a boy. And for the Manos, maybe a newborn cardi or sweater if she has a girl.

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