I’m going to hate myself in the morning…

It’s 1:50 am on Thursday and I’m still up when I should have gone to bed at 10:30. I have to wake up at 6am to get ready for work and also get the little man up for school (daycare).

That’s why I will hate myself.

But, I did accomplish a FO just now. The slouchy knit hat. I was perplexed towards the middle/end of the pattern as I thought there may have been a few errors. Needless to say, I haven’t come across any errata.

But, without prolonging my sleep any more than I already have, here are some pics of the hat below. Also, sorry for my lack of photography skills as I’m always using my ipad 3 or iphone 4 to snap these pics…I promise they will get better 🙂




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