Blue Sky.

Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton

I picked up some of this Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton while I was in Purl Soho NYC in August. Purl Soho has to be my absolute favorite yarn store in the U.S. If they incorporated a cafe, they would be the best hands down in my opinion. I think what I like best about the store itself is the layout and how they have their yarn set up. I love being able to buy BSY in a store. One of my lys sells it. Yes, I know I can order Blue Sky Alpaca online but it’s just not the same. There’s just something about buying yarn face to face in an actual store.

I love Blue Sky Alpaca yarns and I actually used this yarn as a substitute yarn to knit Purl Soho’s The Big Herringbone Cowl. The pattern calls for Blue Sky Alpaca Worsted, but, unfortunately, it also calls for about 5 skeins of it and I didn’t want to make such a monetary committment as one ball costs about $22. So, I did rather fine with the organic cotton and only used 2 balls saving myself some money. I believe the yarn cost $14 a skein. I love the way the cowl turned out. Even though I made it a little shorter than the original pattern, it works for me. I can wrap it twice around my neck and the organic cotton offers a nice drape which does work well for this pattern.

Purl Soho sign in NYC

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