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FO SHO – Knitted Chevron Baby Blanket

I’ve got a FO!!! (Finished Object)

My newphew-to-be’s baby blanket was completed just in time for my sister’s baby shower.


I’m so happy with how it turned out and will most likely make another one in a bulky weight yarn.

The design and pattern are by Espace Tricot and it couldn’t be easier in my opinion.  It basically consists of a 2 line repeat and the 2nd line is a purl row.

Espace Tricot has a lot of other very nice designs – no frills to them and they are free!

I will also be making a bulky chevron blanket in these colors:


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My latest hand-spun yarn

I am so pleased with the yarn that I spun out of these gorgeous punis from Holly of Turquoise Owl Fibers.20140908_215407

I took 2 different colorways and alternated 1 puni from each colorway and it resulted in pure color yumminess.

Initially, I was going to try to spin it as a bulky and leave it as a single ply but when I did that I found that my single ply was not spun enough and it would break apart.  So, I decided to Navajo ply the entire bobbin full.  I’m glad I did.  While it’s not a traditional 3 ply, I still always enjoy a nicely Navajo plied yarn.

wpid-img_20140910_123311.jpg wpid-img_20140912_105230.jpg

Looking forward to my next spin!

Family life

A Whale of A Time!

On Sunday, September 14th, my mom and I hosted my sister’s baby shower at 1810 Tavern.

We enlisted the help of my sister’s mother-in-law, sister-in-law, future sister-in-law, many aunts, and cousins.

My mom and my major responsibilities included the venue and the menu while my sister’s in-laws took care of the decorations, tablescapes, and favors.  Our aunt made cupcakes as dessert and all in all, it was a wonderfully put together event (in our opinion!).  The attention to detail regarding the decorations could not have been any better.  Her in-laws did a wonderful job!

My sister decided on a whale theme which I thought couldn’t be any cuter.  She also has carried the whale / nautical theme into the baby’s nursery.

The menu consisted of 3 rather simple courses: Tomato Dill soup as 1st course, Spring mix salad with balsamic vinegarette as 2nd course, and a choice of 2 flatbreads (Vegetable Primavera or White Cheddar Chicken) as 3rd course.

My sister loved how everything came together and how everyone was able to participate in some way.

Here are some pictures from the shower.

(I only wish mine was this creatively done years ago :)  – hehehe….)

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Goodbye, Summer

My family and I took our yearly end of the summer vacation. This year we decided to visit Ocean City, MD. The last time I was in Ocean City was over 12 years ago when I turned 21. My two girl friends and I had fun celebrating, drinking, and dancing that week away… Fast forward to now in which I have a husband and a 3 year old…times have definitely changed! (For the better!)

For the majority of our vacation was spent in Ocean City, my husband & I did get the opportunity to visit a gym in Long Island that he wanted to go to. Even though it was an over 2 hour trek from my in-laws and a very long day, I’m glad we got to go work out at Powerhouse Gym in Syosset. On our way out, Tim saw the opportunity for a photo op with no other than Kai Greene who will be competing at the 2014 Mr. Olympia! Tim had a fan girl moment. Lol. Needless to say, I took a pic of him standing with Kai (and got one with Kai as well ;-) ). As part of the deal of traveling to Powerhouse Gym to work out, I told Tim we would have to make it out to Soho / NYC – specifically, Purl Soho!

My last jaunt to Purl Soho was with my sister-in-law a couple years ago so I was long over-due. Opening the door to Purl Soho was great- I couldn’t wait to surround myself in their aesthetic. If you frequent their website and are familiar with their blog Purl Bee, then you know what I mean. I immediately gravitated to their left side wall of yarns where I found Anzula, Purl Soho’s own line, Blue Sky Alpaca, Madeline Tosh, and many others. I also found and fondled some of their knitted samples- my favorite being their Big Herringbone Cowl.

Now that the weather is turning colder, I can’t wait for all of the sweater weather knitting I will partaking in!

Until next year, Summer…



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Newest fiber additions

I’ve been on a bit of a dyeing break as I wait for my new shipment of undyed yarn to come in.

While waiting over the past couple weeks, I was able to dye up a few braids of 100% Superwash Merino. I love superwash merino for its smooth as butter spinning capability and the fact that it feels so nice and so soft against the skin once spun into yarn.

These are available in my Etsy shop.





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Fiber Goodies from Turquoise Owl Fibers

While I did not actually formally participate in TDF (Tour de fleece) 2014, it didn’t stop me from purchasing some new fiber goodies from Holly at Turquoise Owl Fibers on Etsy. Her puni fiber prep is one of the best I’ve come acros and I’m in love with the colors that she blends. Two of my favorite are her “Cupcake Confetti” and “Rigmarole” colorways which are art style punis. Her art style punis have fiber content that may contain Merino, BFL, Angora, Silk Noil, Falkland, Polwarth, Sari Silk, Firestar, and Tussah Silk for example. Holly also offers smooth style punis which can contain Merino, BFL, and Tussah Silk, and Bamboo for example. My latest new purchases from Holly included colorways “TDF2014″, “OOAK #2″, and “Beyond the Garden Gate ” pictured below (from left to right).

Hand-carded punis by Turquoise Owl Fibers

Hand-carded punis by Turquoise Owl Fibers

I just finished spinning up 2 ounces of the “Cupcake Confetti” punis and I decided to go with a traditional 3 ply – first time ever as I usually do navajo ply. I knew I wouldn’t get much yardage because of the 3 separate plys and because I tend to spin more thick than thin, but I ended up with a nice, round 44 yards – pre-soak and thwack. Once I soak and thwack, that may affect the yardage a bit. I’m happy with how the colors look together.

Hand-spun "Cupcake Confetti" punis

Hand-spun “Cupcake Confetti” punis

I’m really looking forward to my next spin of these punis!