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Basic color theory & Newly hand-dyeds added to the shop

These last couple months have found me dyeing up more yarns and fiber than usual which unfortunately have left me with less knitting/crocheting/spinning time. But hey, who’s complaining?!

Most of what I hand-dye is sock yarn and I’m in the process of creating some gradient colorways for a wholesale order.

I love color and feel that my former cosmetology training really has helped pave the way to me becoming an indie hand-dyer of yarns and fibers. Color can bring out so many emotions and having already had that basic to intermediate knowledge of color theory is what was the deciding factor for me to give hand-dyeing a go to begin with.

Here is a basic lesson in color theory/ color mixing (and please, understand I am no way trying to portray that I am an expert by any means but rather know that this is my very basic interpretation):

1. You have your primary colors of red, blue, and yellow. These are pure colors meaning they are not derived as a result of mixing other colors.
2. By mixing equal parts of red/blue, blue/yellow, and red/yellow, you then create secondary colors – purple, green, and orange respectively.
3. Tertiary colors are achieved when you mix either one primary color with one secondary color, or two secondary colors, in a given color space such as RGB ( red, green, blue) or RYB (red, yellow, blue).

Now there are also Quaternary and Quinary but I won’t get into those. Feel free to read more about them here.


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Dessert Stitch markers and a new hand-dyed colorway

I’m trying my hand at making stitch markers out of polymer clay and it’s turning out to be really fun. So far, most of them are desserts and the like:



I also have a newly added colorway to my Etsy shop called “Ethereal” in my Cushy sock base. It is a kettle-dyed colorway consisting of lilac, lavender, and light sky blue. I used 3 different dye colors swirled in the pot and was able to get this lovely variation of colors.


I also kettle-dyed this dark purple yarn as a custom order for one of my lovely repeat customers.


Lastly, I will have 5 new colorways in single skeins available in a few days once they have finished drying. I will be posting those pics soon!

Happy crafting/knitting/crocheting/dyeing/spinning….!

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My Crafty Christmas

Wow… I can’t believe its been so long since I’ve last blogged!

While I have been very active on my Instagram account (I go by iknitiatives on there as well), I somehow managed to neglect my blog a bit.

It was actually for good reason. I was a crafting ninja throughout December!

First, I made 4 holiday wreaths for my GIL, MIL, mom, and sister. Then, I made 2 no sew fleece blankets, one for my FIL and one for my husband, amidst all of the other December activities like shopping for gifts and a cookie exchange.

While I had thought about knitting Christmas gifts, I procrastinated and turned to something that would be quicker. And I will say, I’m glad I went the route I did. The wreaths and no sew blankets were so warmly received and appreciated.

As for the cookie exchange, I made 3 different kinds of thumbprints – pecan, walnut, and almond topped with a lovely triple crown jam made from strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries.




As my Christmas gift from my hubby and to myself, I purchased a Canon Rebel T3i DSLR and Am getting acquainted with it. I also bought an Eye-Fi wireless SD card and I love that my photos will now be transferred directly to my smartphone and tablets. Probably the best $50 camera accessory Purchase. I am also hoping to soon add a new telephonic zoom lens.




Small Business Saturday Sale!!


It’s all in the details

My sister Dana got married on November 23rd and she or the wedding itself could not have been more beautiful!

The day went off without a hitch and we all had a great time.

We started off with hair, make-up, and mimosas at Anna’s Hair Salon nearby.

Then headed over to the venue to relax and lounge a bit before having to get dressed.

The day was luckily not as stressful as I thought it would be!

I did have a slight wardrobe malfunction right before the Dj was ready to announce all of us for the reception, however, the crisis was aborted thankfully with the help of Dale’s (the groom) mother!!

And while it was so cold and windy that day and we all thought our hair would be crap before the wedding, we lucked out and my sister also got her wish of some snow on the ground as well!